Friday, May 8, 2015

¡PELIGRO! ¡PELIGRO! ¡Drago, Aerostar, y Fenix Vinien por Rey de Trios!

O. M. G.
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Chikara announced the first team for King of Trios as soon as it confirmed the tournament's return this year. It would have been hard to top the announcement of AJ Styles and the Young Bucks into the fray, but the second announcement did just that. Team AAA has received entry into the tournament, sending three of its finest luchadores, all of who have competed for Lucha Underground. The first team member is Aerostar, a high-flyer who hails from the cosmos. The second is Fenix, the mythical bird who rises from the ashes and who took down Mil Muertes in GRAVE CONSEQUENCES. The third is Drago, who is an actual dragon. If you don't believe me, watch last week's episode and get back to me.

The beat on last year's tournament was that it lacked a certain luster or starpower. I didn't necessarily agree with that assessment. Additionally, at least the last night of action was incredible from top to bottom. That all being said, it's hard to argue that the first two trio announcements this year already have upped the ante for this year's tournament. These two trios are exactly the kind of scorching hot entities that elevate Trios weekend from excellent to godly. I imagine Chikara will hit a flood of native trios announced in the coming weeks, but even those announcements could get intriguing if they tie into the Challenge of the Immortals.