Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pro Wrestler Thwarts Shoplifter

Don't try to steal beer on Khan's watch
Photo via Blackpool Gazette
Via Blackpool Gazette

Shoplifting is one of the pettier crimes one could commit, but it's still not exactly "victimless." Some people steal because they need to eat, but still others steal because of more needlessly selfish motives. Still, whether you feel justified in your actions or not, you need to be careful of your surroundings, because you never know if a pro wrestler is going to be there ready to put your ass in a chokehold.

Shak Khan may not be the most known wrestler in the world, although he has a slick-ass website, but he's been around the block. The 41-year old Pakistani-British wrestler has held a few titles, wrestled World of Sport notable Marty Jones a time or two, and now he has amateur shoplifter wrangler to add to his resume. On Monday, Khan witnessed the shoplifter, who had three stolen cans of beer on his person, in a tussle with the Blackpool shop owner, and fearing for the safety of two young children in the shop, sprung into action, putting the would-be thief in a chokehold and dialing for the police with his free hand. The funny thing is it's not the first time Khan has sprung into action in amateur law enforcement. A decade prior, he and his brother stopped an assault on two paramedics. Khan may not be a household name in the English-speaking wrestling world, but the man at least has a flair for the heroic.