Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ring of Honor Is Getting a Wednesday Slot on Destination America June 3 Before TNA

Get ready for more of this on Wednesdays across America
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Reports of Impact's demise on Destination America have been sped up substantially, as Destination America has picked up Ring of Honor in the 8 PM ET timeslot on Wednesday nights. ROH television right now is in syndication on Sinclair Broadcasting Group's family of networks. SBG doesn't have stations in every market; while DA's penetration is more on the scale of El Rey Network (home of Lucha Underground), it is still a national network. Also, it seems to confirm Dave Meltzer's reports from last week saying that DA had grown tired of TNA and planned on cancelling the promotion's flagship in September. This move appears as a harbinger of the doom of TNA. While the company will retain its 9 PM ET slot for now, it appears that DA is just running out the string.

This news is absolutely huge in that not only will ROH finally completely supplant TNA as America's #2 promotion, but that it will go head to head with Lucha Underground and NXT. All of a sudden, Wednesday night is the hotbed for the niche and next-tier-down national promotions, provided LU gets a renewal. Chatter rose up that a second season was guaranteed thanks to some language on the Univision website, but apparently, it's a placeholder. The producers and heads of the promotion are still trying to get it on the main Univision network instead of the secondary Unimas.

Still, ROH going national on its best network is huge news, but the fact that it's eventually replacing TNA is even huger. Additionally, it's going to be so funny when the lead in for Impact is a ROH main event of Samoa Joe and AJ Styles vs. Bad Influence/The Addiction on a random, balmy summer episode. Anyway, the wrestling landscape just changed big-time. Hopefully, this means more stability for ROH, more money for its workers, and more importantly for shithead selfish fans like me, a chance for Joe to be the Rick Rude for a new generation of weekday night wrestling wars.