Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Scott Hall Seen Drunk at Wrestling Show

Scott Hall is in trouble, man
Photo Credit: WWE.com
From WrestleChat via TMZ

Scott Hall was scheduled to appear at the Surf and Skate Music Festival in Asbury Park, NJ this past weekend. The event, headlined by home-state boys Gaslight Anthem, was to include professional wrestling as part of the event as well, much in the same vein that Chikara participated in the Road to Ruin Fest and more famously, Anarchy Championship Wrestling and Inspire Pro Wrestling have matches yearly at Fun Fun Fun Fest. However, Hall showed up visibly intoxicated, and according to the promoter, he was too drunk to perform.

If everything adds up, and Hall truly has relapsed, then it will have undone a year of hard work by bot himself and Diamond Dallas Page. Hall, along with Jake Roberts, were touted as DDP Yoga success stories. But as is the same story every time Hall tries something to get himself clean, he inevitably relapses when he starts being around the wrestling business again. The Surf and Skate show wasn't the first show, and now that Hall has nominally signed with Global Force Wrestling, it won't be his last. Troubling news is on the horizon, to say the least.

Of course, Hall is a grown-ass man who's been in wrestling for longer than I've been able to grow hair in the space between my legs, and he can make the life choices that he wants for himself. But to see such hard work go to waste is depressing. Additionally, his kid may end up performing in front of a sold-out Tokyo Dome crowd on January 4 as early as 2016. This situation could end up sad on so many levels.

But of course, it doesn't have to. I don't know what Hall's financial situation is, but it can't be that dire to take all these bookings and expose himself to the dangers of relapsing. If I were he at this point, I'd turn my phone off, change my e-mail address, and stay as far away from the wrestling industry as I could. Hall needs to stay away for his own good, and if Vince McMahon really cared about old guys as much as he purports to, he'd give Hall a monthly stipend so that he'd never have to work or even go near a wrestling ring again unless it was under supervision. But that's just the carelord commie pinko in me coming out. I'm sure the oh-so-brave "Vince McMahon doesn't owe anyone anything" crowd will be out in force to refute that.