Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tim Donst IS BACK... to Wrestle Nick Gage *gulp*

Donst is back, baby
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Ray "Death" Rowe won the annual JT Lightning Invitational Tournament, but the biggest news happened in the middle of the show when Tim Donst came out to address the crowd. While other promos-following-big-medical-happenings lately have been disappointing (See Bryan, Daniel (son)), Donst had some great news. His tests came back clear and he will be returning to the ring. His return match?

Nick F'n Gage at Absolute Intense Wrestling's Absolution 10.

On one hand, Donst beat cancer in short order, meaning he's joined Kenta Kobashi in a list of wrestlers who whupped cancer so bad it had to leave the territory. He's like golden Sonic or Bruce Banner in Hulk mode. On the other hand, Nick Gage is no mortal man as much as he's a bionic killing machine. He hurts people like Danny Demanto for fun. He doesn't strike me as kind of guy who cares if his opponent has just gotten over cancer or not.

Either way, it ought to be one heck of a fight, and honestly, it doesn't matter because DONST IS BACK, BAYBAY. Coming back this quickly from cancer may seem troublesome, but Donst has gone through the wringer of medical tests. He's ready to come back, and if AIW is on the docket, could his Combat Zone Wrestling career be back on track? He was set to join the Philadelphia-area hardcore stalwarts before he went out. Hopefully that's still on the docket. Either way, it's tremendous news to see Donst back in the ring, back to kicking ass and taking names.