Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Uh Guys, Rusev's Hurt

Photo Credit: Leah/@_BellaFam
So guys, as it turns out, the current mixed-reviewed angle with Rusev and Lana isn't the only checkered thing in the Bulgarian national-turned Russian hero-turned Bulgarian national's career right now. Intrepid Twitter User™ Leah (@_BellaFam) snapped the above picture of Rusev at an airport sitting in a wheelchair and holding crutches. Judging an injury from a sole picture is well above my paygrade, but it looks as if the man has some problems with his wheels. Luckily for him, he works a slow enough style that is conducive to short matches against jabronis, but then again, he's got a huge match coming up on Sunday inside the Elimination Chamber.

I'm not sure how Rusev is going to work the Chamber with its DANGEROUS STEEL AND LEXAN™ AMALGAMATION, unless he lingers in his pod for most of the match, or the worst case scenario, is Lana'd out of the match with haste because WWE doesn't know a good thing when it's got one. Either way, Rusev's year so far has been absolutely snakebitten. He got to be the wet-fart ending to the worst Royal Rumble in history (at least the Batista Rumble win in '14 had some fuckin' drama at the end), got shunted into a character destroying feud against John Cena, and now is in some kind of weird limbo where no one is sure whether he'll come out of it as a main event dude that is commensurate with the potential he showed between his call-up from NXT and that Rumble match showing.

Either way, whatever's wrong with Rusev, I hope he can get it fixed sooner rather than later. He might need some time away, which at this point wouldn't be the worst idea for him.