Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Vinny Curry shown here about to give Tony Romo a German suplex
Photo Credit: PhiladelphiaEagles.com
Via Bleeding Green Nation

Vinny Curry is a fourth-year defensive end/pass rush specialist for the Philadelphia Eagles, and he's also a huge wrestling fan. He watches it, tweets about it, and he impersonates wrestlers when he's in the mood. Currently, his mood is DESTROY FUCKING EVERYTHING because as the video below shows, he's doing the *extremely Paul Heyman voice* BROCK. LESNAR. bounce to get himself ready at practice:

A video posted by Vinny Curry (FLEE) (@mrgetflee) on

For the offensive players' sake, I hope he doesn't follow through with F5s for all. However, I wouldn't be opposed to him giving 16 German suplexes to Riley Cooper. In fact, can someone get Curry to give Cooper 16 German suplexes? For personal reasons?