Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Welp, Sami Zayn Is Hurt

Bad luck for Sami Zayn
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Via F4WOnline

It looks like Sami Zayn's sell-job of his shoulder wasn't all a work. He suffered a shoulder injury early on in his match last night with John Cena. The doctor checking on him and the referee throwing up the X was all too real. Zayn will get a MRI today (if he hasn't already) for further evaluation, and WWE will go from there, I suppose. HE had been out since April 2 with injuries, but he'd come back with a match against the ragey Mayonnaise Boy Alex Riley before taking on Cena last night.

Zayn's injury didn't keep him from working the rest of the match, which was high-impact and motion intensive, which is either amazing or a bit shortsighted. I'm not one to talk, because I'm pretty sure I have some damage in my right shoulder area that I'm still putting off getting checked out, and I didn't make my hard debut on the WWE roster in front of my hometown against the biggest wrestler in the company. Adrenaline goes a long way sometimes.

Of course, the injury throws several future plans into question. Zayn may not be able to follow up his debut with more main roster shenanigans, but more importantly, his main event match at the May 20 Takeover special against Kevin Owens now is in jeopardy if the injury is long-lasting. My guess is NXT officials will call an audible and go to a Barely Legal main event situation, with Finn Bálor, Hideo Itami, and Tyler Breeze playing the Sandman, Stevie Richards, and Terry Funk to Owens' Raven. Or maybe Zayn will be alright enough to work the event. I'm not a doctor. I'm not even a clairvoyant.

Still, it sucks that Zayn's big welcome to the main roster has been marred by injury, which some speculate may have happened while he was warming up rather than off any specific bump he took. Hopefully, he'll be okay soon, not just for his career, but for his health.