Monday, May 11, 2015

You Got Something on Your Shirt

Weird ass Big E is the best Big E
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Big E has found new life as the muscle for the wonderfully oblivious group of positivity peddlers, but it's worth noting that at one time, he was the avatar of weird Twitter incarnate in WWE. While his Instagram feed has been dormant for about nine months now, a nugget from June of last year has been making the rounds, and it pretty much encapsulates his sense of humor. Check it behind the jump:

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I'm not entirely sure his sense of humor would play out as well in a wrestling character, but the thing is no one would've known unless he was given the shot to run as himself. But WWE isn't interested in people; it's interested in marketable brands. What's worse is that Vince McMahon decides what's marketable, which at times can be a disaster. But the New Day has surprisingly found a groove after being dead in the water. Big E, along with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, has been able to pump some life back into his WWE run. Maybe he'll be able to get weird within the confines of the clapping lads.