Monday, June 8, 2015

Cancer Jobs to Kris Travis

Via @RealKrisTravis
Late last year, Kris Travis got a diagnosis that no one ever wants to receive. He had become afflicted with stomach cancer, and right when his career was about to be boosted to the next level. He was to appear on TNA British Boot Camp 2, back before the company pissed away its deal with Spike TV. Cancer is a blight on the human race, and no one, not especially a wrestler well-responded-to by fans and well-liked by his peers like Travis should ever have to experience.

Well, the treatments and hard work and good fortune have all paid off. Travis will be making his grand return to the ring on August 7 for Preston City Wrestling against Sha Samuels. I don't know enough about the British scene to preview what kind of match that will be, but apparently, Samuels' nickname is the East End Butcher. Draw your parallels to Tim Donst's return match being against Nick F'n Gage at your own leisure.

Anyway, Travis' return in a short time is remarkable, especially after the surgery and chemotherapy. In fact, the above picture shows him a mere four weeks after his last dose of chemo. That shit ravages the body; it's about as close to a "scorched earth" attack as one can get to in medicine, and Travis looked back to fighting shape after four weeks. He's tough enough to come back and do the thing. And hey, he's Tough Enough to get a contract with WWE:

Yep, he's submitting a video to the WWE reality show too. This year is certainly promising and interesting for Travis. I'll certainly be rooting for him.