Friday, June 19, 2015

Dustin Rhodes' Eulogy for His Father

A father to his sons until the very end
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Cody Rhodes was not the only offspring of Dusty to eulogize him on Wednesday. His eldest son, Dustin, known predominantly for his 20 year off-and-on run as Goldust, gave a eulogy at the funeral as well. The bond between father and son was explored in storyline in World Championship Wrestling when Dusty implored Dustin to choose him as his tag partner, but it was one that portrayed a neglectful patriarch begging forgiveness from his offspring. The picture painted by the eldest Rhodes boy in the eulogy talked of a great father and grandfather.

As notable auteur of Free Wrestling, TJ Hawke, pointed out on Twitter, "[Steven] Spielberg doesn't make every movie about daddy issues for no reason." Hell, 95% of the characters on LOST had daddy issues, as do several characters on other acclaimed TV series. Whole chapters of analysis could be written about the Lannister children's relationship with Papa Tywin, even up to his literally shitty death. It's a narrative mine filled with veins of catharsis, and both father and son knew it would play well in a wrestling ring. They were carny to the end.

Anyway, the pullquotes from this one aren't as memorable as Cody's were, but that's never the point. Both sons came from places of love for their father. In the end, that's all that matters.