Monday, June 15, 2015

Fantasy Booking The Best of The Super Juniors Pt. 2: The Brackets, The Winner, And The Stakes

Cole is a great candidate to win a BOSJ-styled indie tournament
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
In my last post, I discussed how a booked Best of the Super Juniors using all indie junior heavyweights would go. If you don't remember, here are the players.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: Andrew Everett, Trevor Lee, and Ricochet

Ring of Honor: Cedric Alexander, ACH, and Adam Cole

Chikara: Chuck Taylor, Hallowicked, and Kevin Condron

EVOLVE: Drew Gulak, TJ Perkins, and Johnny Gargano

Because I couldn't find a good setup on how to do this with the blocks New Japan does it, we're going old-school with brackets. It will be double-elimination, though, so you get a sense of that one loss doesn't kill you sort of thing. Also, as I realized, mine is 12.... not the 16 of this years, or of the last two years for that matter.

According to the bracket I made here, which was completely randomized before anyone gets any ideas, 4 men get byes to the quarterfinals. In order of seeds, they are as follows: Andrew Everett, Cedric Alexander, Adam Cole, Drew Gulak. After much hardship working this through, I've decided the winner is Adam Cole who beats Drew Gulak in the finals in an absolute war.

What does Adam Cole win, you might be asking? Easy. He wins (from alternate universe New Japan) a booking as the only non-NJPW contracted gaijin in next year's BOSJ. From his home promotion, he wins a shot against current champion Jay Briscoe, plus $25,000. Also, a sweet-ass trophy. So there it is. The first-ever indie Best of the Super Juniors. Would this work in real life? Probably not. Too many political minefields to navigate. But it was fun to dream wasn't it?