Thursday, June 25, 2015

If You Haven't Cried Enough over Dusty Rhodes, Here's Jake Roberts

Rhodes' impact was felt by many, including Jake Roberts
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Jake "The Snake" Roberts is a man who's had brushes with death in the past, but he's a scrapper, a survivor. He also was one of Dusty Rhodes' peers, and the American Dream's death affected Roberts something fierce. Rhodes gave him work in Florida as a heel when no one would book him like that, and because of it, the world got to bear witness to the best psychological villain in wrestling history. The Snake spoke about his memories of Rhodes in a four-minute video with video clips and a song that will make you cry, after the jump:

Roberts said it best; without the American Dream, pro wrestling isn't what it is today. It wasn't just the influencing of nearly every babyface who came after him, but it was the chances he gave wrestlers like his NXT kids and especially Roberts. Try to imagine a world where Jake "The Snake" Roberts never terrorized Sting or sent a cobra to Randy Savage's and Miss Elizabeth's wedding reception. That is thanks in part to Dusty Rhodes. The man's impact will felt throughout the industry forever, and nearly every wrestler who was his peer or came after him, not just Roberts, could definitely film a similar video above.