Monday, June 15, 2015

Instant Feedback: This Is the Kevin Owens Show

He's high above all of you
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Kevin Owens is unfuckwithable right now. WWE Creative has messed up with so many other wrestlers, but Owens is just not of this world right now. Wade Barrett can be given bauble after bauble so that he ends up being the richest easy prize for the various random faces on the roster to hunt. Sheamus has the briefcase, so expect him to get jobbed to high hell so that his cash-in can be "shocking." Rusev continues to sulk in the corner with his bum wheel after John Cena used him all up. But Owens is still unfuckwithable. He's so far gotten every bit of faith and armor-building that a future star of the company would theoretically and should totally get, even down to murking Dolph Ziggler in a spot where heels usually get set up to be humiliated.

But he'll never be accused of being shoved down everyone's throats because he's so good at being a pro wrestler. He's better at this job than most people are at theirs. If I were as good writer as Owens was a wrestler, I'd be getting David Shoemaker money. If I were as good at my shoot day job as Owens was a wrestler, I would be in another tax bracket. If you were as good at your job, and unless you're like LeBron James or someone else ridiculous, you're not, then you might have a bit more fulfillment in life. I'm not saying this to be a dick to the readership. Owens is just that good, so good that he can feud with everyone and continue to make people wanting more.

He's currently entangled with no fewer than four wrestlers, an authority figure, and now a rapper. First off, much respect to Machine Gun Kelly, a skinny rapper who decided he was going to take Owens' signature move off a stage. Some celebs think they can get involved in a wrestling angle, and like Hugh Jackman or Flo Rida, they get the shine. But Kelly took the fucking powerbomb off the stage like he was a wrestler.

But for Owens, he was just another pelt, and not just a piddling little doe head or a rabbit. He's a big game hunter. He takes it to the Franchise. He draws out Demons. He lures Samoan Submission Machines into the battle. And if a celebrity comes onto his show, and believe me, RAW is his show now, and tries to soak up his spotlight, he's going to go after them. It's what stars so. It's what important people do. Owens is imporant. Owens is unfuckwithable.

And yet, in his heart, Owens is right in his crusade, at least the one against Cena. Any time Owens talks about Cena's entitlement and his hypocrisy, he's hitting it on the nose. Everything is perfect. Everything cuts to the heart. Everything is unfuckwithable, even it seems too good to be true. The Sword of Damocles hangs over Owens as the fans' optimism, because those fans have been down this road before. He could be knocked right back down the pecking order by the time SummerSlam's over with the right wrong combination of moves.

But right now, he's on top of the world, and no one is better suited to be the hub through which all hope cycles through and ultimately dies. He's unfuckwithable.