Monday, June 1, 2015

Keith Lee Is All Hoss, No Floss

Photo Credit: Kelly Kyle/Texas Anarchy
Michael is going to have a big review on In Their Blood 2 from last night, Inspire Pro's XX-Division flagship show going forward, later on in the week, but when I saw this Vine floating around, I had to share it. Keith Lee, the reigning and defending Pure Prestige Champion, is one mountain of a man with that boogey-woogy soul to boot. His massive feats of strength came to a head last night when he took the tower of DOOOOOM to new heights. Thomas Shire had Mr. B up for a superplex, but Lee wasn't going to let Shire, the man he defeated for that Pure Prestige Title, escape unscathed. Check the Vine after the jump:

Six seconds of hypnotically looping footage might be enough to get you to fall in love with Lee's HOSSY goodness, but it's certainly on a tip of the iceberg on this sentient bulldozer of a man. IF you're not making it a point to check him and Inspire Pro Wrestling out, then you're fuckin' up.