Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Matt Jackson Showed the World Jim Cornette's Reaction to Kevin Owens' Big Sunday

Matt Jackson, on the left, had the mic-dropping reaction to Owens' win on Sunday
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Normally, I don't like to give the time of day to rancid pissbabies like Jim Cornette. Kevin Owens succeeding in WWE should belong to him and the people who've supported them, not the cantankerous gits like Cornette who played naysayer from the first time he met him as Kevin Steen in Ring of Honor. But I also can't pass up an opportunity for fellow peers of Owens using .gif manipulation to indulge in some schadenfreude.

Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks not only has been one of Owens' closest confidants on the wrestling scene, but he too has felt the brunt of Cornette's garbage-filled hole that he pretends is a human mouth. Cornette at one point said that if he and his brother Nick ever used the Meltzer Driver at a show he was promoting, he'd have them fired and blackballed. So of course, when Owens, whom Cornette said was too fat, too foul-mouthed, and had too rotten an attitude to succeed anywhere, let alone WWE, joined the exclusive "I Pinned John Cena Cleanly" club, he more than anyone else besides Owens, his brother Nick, or Sami Zayn (who also felt Cornette's barbed tongue) had the right to post this gem:

Yep, that's Cornette's head Photoshopped over the "anxious praying dude" who is the new Ellis Mbeh-reacting-to-Brock-Lesnar-ending-The-Streak of reacting fans. I doubt the real Cornette was that calm, but y'know what, it's his own fault for being such a reactionary, grudge-holding, small-minded, short-tempered shell of a man. Owens is gonna be a star in WWE provided the company doesn't royally fuck his oeuvre up or he doesn't get catastrophically injured, knock on wood. Cornette can do nothing about it, and that, friends, is the biggest victory of them all.