Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Metro Pro Child Wrestling Fan Chops So Hard, Tommy Dreamer Even Felt It

Tommy Dreamer is for the children
Photo Credit: Lee South/ImpactWrestling.com
Wrestling is for the children. It's for families. It is also, at times, involves crowd participation. So when Tommy Dreamer and Mark Sterling took their fight at the Metro Pro Wrestling Fifth Anniversary Show on Saturday into the crowds, one should not have been surprised when crowd favorite Dreamer got a little kid in on the action. Video is behind the jump:

#ImSoSorry #Chop
Posted by Metro Pro Wrestling on Monday, June 8, 2015

The absolute best part about that whole exchange is that Dreamer, the guy holding the dude taking the chop, sold it almost as hard as Sterling did. Anytime wrestlers or wrestling shows make kids a part of the show, my heart grows three sizes and legions of angels not only get their wings, but also their kickpads and custom-made spandex tights. Kudos to Dreamer and Sterling for making that kid's night and possibly minting a fan for life.