Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Name the Performance Center after Dusty Rhodes

Shaq wasn't ever a WWE trainee, but if he was, Rhodes would've molded him right
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Dusty Rhodes has had an indelible mark on many people in the industry, but no group of people have felt his influence recently more than wrestlers for NXT and the students at the Performance Center. Rhodes wasn't the only person driving the vision of how WWE molds its future stars, but he certainly was its den father. The outpouring of emotion and remembrance for Big Dust flooded strongest from the next generation, which only follows that the biggest thing WWE can do to honor his memory involves them. Brian Heffron, known better to you and I as The Blue Meanie, had this idea on Twitter:
What better way to honor the man who was involved in so much of wrestling's past, present, and future than to name the place he had such a presence at after him. It would be the least WWE could do to honor him, so I'm all for this idea.