Monday, June 15, 2015

The Dusty Tribute from Last Night Made It Get Real... Dusty in There

Love you, Big Dust
Screen Grab via YouTube vid below
As expected, WWE aired a tribute to Dusty Rhodes during the pre-show and again during the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. The video contained a bunch of choice Rhodes promo clips, plenty of footage of him jiving and throwing elbows, and included prominently his Hall of Fame induction with his two sons Dustin and Cody leading the enshrinement. I have to admit, it was emotional, even after the barrage of tributes and Twitter reactions from the past five days, it got the waterworks a-going. Most heart-wrenching was having to hear Renee Young reduced to tears coming out of the video on the pre-show and throwing it backstage to Tom Phillips and Kevin Owens, both of whom were also visibly holding down their emotions and trying to get the segment over. You can't air something that means so much to so many people in the wrestling world and expect business as usual right after. But all parties involved were super professional.

Either way, the video is below. Watch it again and again, because it is once again a beautiful and touching production from the people in the trucks. WWE's production department usually rises up for things like these.