Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Hits Just Keep Coming with Chikara's Fourth King of Trios Squad

They're back... and they brought a new friend
Graphics via @chikarapro
The fourth threesome to be entered into the (mostly) annual King of Trios tournament is yet another guest. It won't top the Bullet Club or Team Lucha Underground, but it's on the same level as Team Fight Club and hails from the same country. That's right, the United Kingdom will be sending over Team Attack, and it includes two familiar faces. Mark Andrews and Pete Dunne, who have barnstormed America (and Chikara/Wrestling Is specifically), will return with a new third. In 2013, they came over by themselves (and no Trios happened that year). In 2014, they brought Dunne's younger brother Damien. This year, they'll be joined by Flash Morgan.

I don't know much about Morgan, but he comes with a good resume at least. He's a veteran of several acclaimed British promotions, including PROGRESS, Southside, and Preston City. However, the book is known on Andrews and Dunne. They melted Wrestling Is Cool with a big match against the Osirian Portal, and they lit up King of Trios last year. Their high-spot based offense is reminiscent of the Young Bucks, only without all the Bullet Club shtick.

Anyway, if you're counting at home, four trios have been announced and again, none of them are Chikara born and bred. This streak seems to be an extreme reaction to people who got pissed that last year's lineup was almost exclusively native trios, which okay, I get the expectations that Trios ends up creating. But the Chikara roster is awesome even without guests, especially with the fearsome Devastation Corporation in the wings waiting to defend their titles from last year and become the first ever repeat winners. Maybe that'll be the first really big shock announcement, the first Chikara native team. Or this year's tournament will be all guests with the Chikara regulars working the merch table. Seems to work for PWG! In all seriousness, it is a win-win.