Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Stone Cold Stunner Is Alive and Well at These Graduation Gimmicks

Imagine this happening at your graduation
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Graduation from institutes of learning, be they elementary or higher, is a special time. All the hard work a student puts in over a fixed period of time is honored with a diploma and a handshake, and afterwards, the graduate and his or her family end up eating at some kind of restaurant. That is, if said graduate isn't hit by the most DEVASTATING FINISHER IN WRESTLING HISTORY:

Funny, I thought life waited at least until the time when said graduate has to start applying for jobs to give 'em the Stunner. Either way, I'm in favor of anything that injects some life into a graduation ceremony and especially if that life is in the form of wrestling. Because, you know, wrestling is life. I wonder what Steve Austin would have to say about this whole thing. My guess? "A swig of coffee for the graduatin' man." Or something like that. I don't know, it's Scott's gimmick to work the podcast beat right now.

h/t SB Nation