Tuesday, June 2, 2015

TNA Stands for Transphobia Now Acceptable

No no no no no NO
TNA is a company that has been under fire the last two weeks over its television contract status and the wars its wrestlers have been waging against the people who reported it. Granted, everything that Dave Meltzer has been reporting has borne out as correct, but ostensibly, that issue has two sides. However, one issue where only one side is valid is how to treat transsexual individuals, and on that front, TNA has been a burning trash heap filled with awful, hateful people spewing insensitive jokes under the guise of "comedy." 

Head of creative Billy Corgan has a long, grotesque history with transphobia, which is hilarious given his mission statement of "wanting to explore transgender issues" as head booker. Former TNA employee and noted bigoted trashdick Vince Russo validated his gross booking practices of women like Chyna and Nicole Bass by making ugly comments about Caitlyn Jenner (before she started identifying as Caitlyn and still went by "Bruce"). Another TNA employee went to the Jenner well, this time while still an employee.

The above screen grabbed Tweet (because I refuse to give that tweet traffic, and because it might be gone by now) by Jeremy Borash is a hack Photoshop poking fun at Jenner's recent announcement of her new, female name and the unveiling of her body as a woman, which is all kinds of fucked up. If you don't think so, then my guess is you don't think of transsexuals as people, which is the root of every problem. They are people, and they are an oppressed minority whose status as the butt of jokes for hack comics is the least of their problems.

The average life expectancy for a trans person is 32 years. They are brutally beaten, murdered, raped, and driven to suicide at higher rates than cis people (i.e. those who were born with the same body parts that correspond to their genders). They are incarcerated at higher rates because they are driven to illicit sex work due to discrimination against them in the workplace. They are legislated against out of fear, even by people whose own children are bigger sexual predators than most trans people could ever be. With all this in mind, maybe trans people should be understood and loved instead of joked about.

Of course, the "um, well, actually" crowd may point out that in-character tweets such as that are rarely made by the person behind the Twitter account. Dave Lagana, a human piece of waste in his own right, makes a lot of those tweets, which begs the question why anyone would want their Twitter accounts in the hands of someone other than them. But either way, that tweet went up, and that tweet is a heinous piece of shit. Lagana and Borash need to be held accountable for this blatant piece of bigotry. But then again, this is a company that employs or has employed people who hate trans people. Its owner, Dixie Carter, tweeted that a storm in James Storm was coming to Japan while that country had a fuckin' typhoon bearing down on it.

This company is the most clueless collective ever, and in a wrestling landscape that includes the mishaps of WWE and WCW, that is saying something. The social media stuff isn't exactly the worst, especially in the face of payment issues and gross worker mistreatment, but it is an emblem that the company wears on itself. Of course, nothing will come of this internally, and if it does, I will be absolutely shocked. If any backlash comes from it, it'll come from Destination America, which has TNA by its shorthairs. But at this point, why would any network or company with any sense want to be associated with this garbage fire?