Friday, June 12, 2015

Tyson Kidd Possibly Broke His Neck

Kidd will be on the shelf for a year
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Via WrestleChat

The extent of Tyson Kidd's injury is more severe than first thought. According to the Wrestling Observer newsletter, Kidd suffered a spinal cord injury in his dark match with Samoa Joe two weeks ago at RAW in San Antonio. He will be out in upwards of a year.

Kidd's run since returning to live action in NXT last year has been a critical success, peaking in a tag team run with Cesaro that got over in spite of a lack of attention from Vince McMahon and the rest of Creative. He tore ligaments in his knee two years ago, which caused him to lose a year in his career, and this second one has to be absolutely crushing for him. He was scheduled to team with Cesaro in a return match for the WWE Tag Team Championships at the July 4 Network special from Japan, but obviously, that's not going to happen now. Regardless of booking or career prospects, the most important thing is that Kidd focuses on getting completely healthy once more.