Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tyson Kidd Showed Off the Surgical Incision on His Neck

Photo via @KiddWWE
Tyson Kidd is not a shy man, it would seem. He posted the above picture to his Twitter account, which shows the incision into his neck that repaired the injury caused in a dark match vs. Samoa Joe in San Antonio on June 1. As one can see, it left a gnarly scar and needed 16 staples to seal shut. At least it's on the back of his neck, and if and when he fully recovers, he'll have one hell of a conversation piece on a visible spot on his  his body.

But still, a neck injury of that severity has to absolutely suck. Wrestling is one hell of a business that takes all kinds of tolls on the people who perform in it. I would be shocked if Kidd ever stepped into a ring again, to be honest, but wrestlers in worse shape than him have come back from even more gruesome injuries. He has a long road ahead of him, but man, I'm rooting for Kidd to be healthy enough to get back into the ring again.

Kidd's recovery picture isn't the only nasty wrestling injury shot floating around. Chris Hero mangled his finger at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Mystery Vortex III, and well, it's pretty grotesque. You can find it here, but man, if you're squeamish or you just ate lunch, I'd skip out on looking at it. I know I wish I would've.