Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WWE Is a M*A*S*H Unit Right Now

Kidd gone until next summer at the earliest
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WWE has a lot of injury news on the docket right now, both updates and new business. Most of it is pretty serious, especially the update on Tyson Kidd. Starting with the snakebitten former Tag Team Champion, Kidd got news that his neck injury will take at least 14 months to recover from. As you may remember, Kidd injured his neck against Samoa Joe in a dark match before the June 1 RAW in San Antonio. This injury is now the second one Kidd has suffered that will cost him significant time out of the ring. He tore his meniscus in January 2013, and did not return to live action until October of that year. I feel terribly for Kidd at this point, because he seems like he could have been a sparkplug in the midcard for years to come (and that's not necessarily a bad role to have in most promotions) at the very least. This injury will put his career in serious doubt, although at least he will stay in the public consciousness via Total Divas.

Erick Rowan is the next injury on the list to discuss. Joey Styles broke the news on Twitter that Rowan injured his arm at the Saginaw, MI house show on Friday night. Dave Meltzer (via WrestleChat) reported that the injury could be serious. While Rowan and his newly reunited tag partner Luke Harper have not been featured near the Tag Team Championships lately, they seemed to be lined up for a big push in the future. They started using 3D as a tag finish, and that caught the attention of one Bubba Ray Dudley/Bully Ray. Rumblings of an ex-Wyatt Family/Dudley Boys match in the future were happening, but now, if those plans were in place, they're not anymore.

The next big injury happened just this past Monday on RAW. If you thought Brock Lesnar's spear/spinebuster of Jamie Noble into the barricade last night looked a little too rough, you guessed correctly. Noble announced on Twitter that he broke three ribs on the impact. Noble's in-ring career ended also on a move that went wrong on the outside, as he was given up as fodder for a newly-debuting Sheamus in late 2009. He retired after that injury, and he transitioned into life as a producer/road agent. Of course, his career path took him back in front of the camera as part of J and J Security, but his role will be limited if he's on screen at all. Then again, I welcome the sight of Noble wearing the DDP rib tape on the outside of his black suit.

Finally, in the least serious injury news of them all, Bayley has been working hurt lately. She injured her arm, but it's not serious enough to keep her out of the ring. In fact, she's been working with a cast on the arm, which is funny because the other guy who always worked with a cast on his arm, Bob Orton, Jr., was the heeliest heel who ever heeled, and Bayley is the sweetest, most innocent babyface WWE has ever had in its ranks. Either way, one out of four injuries not being cause for alarm isn't that bad.