Monday, June 1, 2015

WWE Network Is Free in June for New Subscribers, No the Record Is Not Skipping

Free again in June for newbies. Where have I heard that before?
Stop me if you've heard this one before, but the WWE Network is going to be free in June for new subscribers. June will be the fourth month of the year where entry to the Network to new subscribers will come without any up-front costs, as February, April, and May were also free to new customers as well. The decision came across the pipes this morning.

At this point, WWE should just bite the bullet at this point and announce that every new subscriber's first month should be free instead of announcing that every month going forward is free for new customers. My guess is that that's the plan going forward anyway with the exceptions of January, March/April (depending on where WrestleMania falls on the calendar), and August. Still, the whole thing comes off as incredibly thirsty on behalf of a company that is probably bigger than its closest domestic competition by an order of magnitude.

That all being said, the Network is an incredible value. Even if one only uses it in a similar manner to which I use it, $9.99 a month is insanely economical, especially in May, where WWE presented two pay-per-view events (one of which was a Network exclusive), a full slate of NXT shows, and another in a series of live NXT specials that have yet to be a disappointment. I am getting paid no money for this opinion, but honestly, I have to speak from the heart because the Network really is the only thing that is keeping me a fan of WWE right now. It's worth the investment, even if the way the company advertises it makes the average wrestling fan want to jump off a fucking cliff.