Thursday, July 23, 2015

AAA TripleMania Estará en Vivo Pago por Visión de América

Mysterio will be part of the main event available to American audiences via PPV
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Asistencia Asesoría y Administración, the largest purveyor of lucha libre in Mexico, will be offering its marquee event, Triplemania XXIII live on American pay-per-view providers. This marks the first time that the event will hit the normal PPV airwaves; last year's event, which featured the surprise return of Alberto el Patron and a questionably legal appearance from Rey Mysterio via satellite, was available on Internet pay-per-view (as it will also be this year). This year, several major satellite and cable providers, including DirecTV, Comcast/Xfinity, Verizon FiOS, and Time Warner, will carry the event. The complete listing of providers can be found here. The event will cost $29.95 for the HD feed (knock ten bucks off for the standard def), which is super cheap for a show of this magnitude, and it will air at 7 PM ET on August 9.

Three matches have been announced so far, and two of them are doozies. The ostensible main event is being billed as a lucha dream match as Mysterio will do battle against Myzteziz (fka Sin Cara Original Flavor, fka Mistico). While the latter's WWE career underwhelmed many fans, he is far more at home and enjoyable to watch in his home country. Mysterio is an old, savvy vet, so I expect big things out of this match. The other match of note announced is a lucha de apuesta, where both Brian Cage and el Patron will wager their hair. Cage's run in Mexico has seen him take up the mantel of "Lucha Destroyer," an insatiably bloodlusty wrecking ball taking out anyone and everyone who holds dear to lucha libre tradition. el Patron will put his hair on the line to defend his home country against the bruising interloper. Also on the card will be a trios match between the Psycho Circus and everyone's favorite numbered band of luchadores, Los Villanos (III, IV, and V to be exact).

Lucha Underground has whet the American appetite for the art of lucha, even though it still has more than a few Americanized elements to it. Triplemania should be, as the kids call it, the straight dope for those who want a real taste of Mexican wrestling. For those who want to watch on a reliable stream through a cable provider rather than through iPPV, they now have that option. It's great news for everyone involved.