Thursday, July 23, 2015

BATTLEWARS Is Happening Again

It was so good last year it's happening again this year!
Photo Credit: Kelly Kyle
Last year, Inspire Pro Wrestling welcomed the stars of Chikara into the Marchesa Theater for BATTLEWARS. The event was both a financial and a critical success; the hall sold out, and the show kinda ruled. The logical thing would be to do the dance again, It will happen in September at the Marchesa in Austin, and tickets will go on sale tomorrow, that's Friday, at noon, Central Time. You can get your ducats at the Inspire Pro website.

Last year's event featured Dasher Hatfield, Silver Ant, Fire Ant, Icarus, and Bryce Remsburg making the trip down. I'd imagine a similar contingent would arrive for this year's event too. Of course, the hope is that Chikara actually brings the whole kit and kaboodle down there one of these days so that the fans in Central Texas can get a taste of the entire experience. Chikara has worked with other promotions before, and in fact this weekend, it will be teaming up with Beyond Wrestling for a doubleheader at Fete Music in Providence, RI. I would love to see something similar go down in Austin between Chikara and Inspire, which are two of the three or four best indie promotions in the country right now.