Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bucks. el Patron. Mysterio.

The Bucks' opponents for NEW Wrestling Under the Stars are doozies...
Photo Credit: Devin Chen
Northeast Wrestling doesn't get the same critical dap within the indie community at large, but it is one of the most attended promotions in the country. Much like its peer Pro Wrestling Syndicate in New Jersey, NEW isn't necessarily in the business of building new stars as it is taking whatever spare parts happen to be available to them and creating gonzo dream matches that no other promoter would think of doing let alone be able to afford. Hence, the promotion is able to book minor league baseball stadiums that, unlike Global Force Wrestling, are well-attended. It's the company that brought the world the Young Bucks vs. the Hardy Boys and Kevin Steen vs. Jerry Lawler. And now, it has booked perhaps its magnum opus. The Young Bucks are back, and their opponents this time?

Alberto el Patron and Rey Mysterio.

While el Patron and Mysterio were rivals in WWE, they've become allies in their home promotion of AAA, along with Myzteziz (fka Sin Cara, fka Mistico) as somewhat of a dream trio. el Patron has been tearing up AAA and Lucha Underground, and he's very much in his prime if not just a little bit past it right now. Mysterio, while battling injuries and slowed down from his heyday, still brings the thunder. They're still very much a power duo in pro wrestling, so who wouldn't want to book them against the Young Bucks, who are still for my money the best tag team in the goddamn Universe. Putting those two entities together ought to be a no-brainer.

And to its credit, NEW does a great job of giving these matches time and letting the wrestlers build their stories. I've heard great things about Lawler/Steen, but I saw the Hardys/Bucks match. You can watch it too. Hopefully, it will make tape, but if you don't to chance it and you can make it to the lower Hudson Valley on Saturday, August 1 for Wrestling Under the Stars '15, then you get your ass to Duchess Stadium in Wappinger Falls, NY. You're not going to want to miss this one.