Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cero Miedo, Toda Tuba

Even the scariest of wrestlers can get down with the band
Photo via 411mania
If Mil Muertes is Lucha Underground's Undertaker, then Pentagón, Jr. would be the equivalent to Kane, if Kane were ten times more psychotic, 20 times more effective in character, and not related to Muertes at all. Whether it's breaking arms, stalking Melissa Santos, or drawing the ire of Vampiro, Pentagón is perhaps the most dynamically frightful character not only in Lucha Underground, but in all of wrestling. But as he proved Saturday at the Lucha Future show at Royal Albert Hall in London, homicidal maniacs can also have a musical side:

Yes, he's playing a tuba. Fairly little things in wrestling surprise me anymore, and a bloodthirsty lucha libre monster playing a brass instrument isn't one of those things. However, that doesn't mean one can't appreciate the sublime weirdness of seeing the ruthless arm-killer of The Temple get down with the largest member of the trumpet family. Wrestling is incredible.