Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Der König des Terzettes Ist in Namen der Bruderschaft

Graphics via ChikaraPro.com

Five years ago, the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes team won King of Trios to great fanfare. Of course, that team no longer can exist in Chikara; Tursas is "dead," Ares is enjoying the retired life, and Claudio Castagnoli has disappeared into the aether, although some dude named Cesaro in WWE looks an awful lot like him and uses all his moves. Weird. That version of the group was dispersed into seeming oblivion at High Noon, but it returned when The Flood called all the former Chikara big bads in an attempt to wipe the promotion off the face of the earth.

Those waters have receded, but the reformed BDK has remained as part of the narrative, mainly as competitors in the Challenge of the Immortals. Team captain Jakob Hammermeier was savvy enough to keep his band of marauders together in the drafting process. Of his soldiers, Hammermeier selected Nøkken and Soldier Ant to flank him in this year's tournament. Both are among Chikara's most dominant forces. Whatever zombification process Soldier Ant went through has made him nigh impervious, and Nøkken exemplifies the word HOSS.

While the BDK isn't as prominent in the narrative this year as it was when the group won the whole thing in 2010, this trio remains a dark horse to win it all. After all, it contains Soldier Ant, a linchpin to the Colony's story this year. A showdown with the assumed Battle Hive team may be in the cards. Of course, that matchup will only be one piece of the Colony's puzzle, as Silver Ant's assimilation into the Arcane Horde is starting to take his mind. This theme of Ants Divided in Chikara ever since the 2012 Trios tournament has really run deep. Will it ever be concluded satisfactorily?

Either way, the BDK will join the Bullet Club, Team Lucha Underground, Team Fight Club Pro, Team Attack, the Blue World Order, the Devastation Corporation, Dasher's Dugout, the Snake Pit, the United Nations, and the Gentlemen's Club in this year's fray. Four more teams are left, and I assume three of them will represent the Arcane Horde, Battle Hive, and Crown and Court respectively. The fourth and final team to be announced? Well, I figure that will be the mic-drop of announcements. I'm leaning towards a Kondron-led team of misfits, but I'm hoping for the return of THE SUBMISSION SQUAD. But either way, it ought to be interesting.