Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Drew Galloway Has Been "Indefinitely Suspended" by EVOLVE

Galloway gone from EVOLVE indefinitely
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Drew Galloway has seen a career resurgence since leaving WWE. He started out in the big company as the "Chosen One" and looked to have a bright career, but whatever forces conspiring against him, be it fate or political, ended up devaluing his role to "comedy jobber" in 3MB. Sure, it was an entertaining role for him, but it wasn't one that allowed him to show off all his strengths. When he was released, he started taking indie dates both in his native Scotland/other parts of the United Kingdom, and here in America. Perhaps the most important of these promotions has been EVOLVE. Galloway was given highlight matches and was able to unify both the EVOLVE and Open the Freedom Gate Championships.

Then, on July 10, he dropped both titles to Timothy Thatcher. The next night, after beating Trent?, he was jumped by several members of the Premiere Athlete Brand. The below video details what happened:

Okay, so if you attack a non-combatant with a fuckin' piledriver, it's okay, but graze an official and you're gone. Of course, this isn't the first time the super-technical nature of EVOLVE has been used to send someone away for a bit. If you remember, both Brodie Lee and Jon Moxley were "banned from EVOLVE" for beating the shit out of each other with chairs and other plunder at EVOLVE 4. Semantics of why Galloway was "suspended" aside, the move appears to be a way of writing him out of the continuity. If you believe the rumblings, WWE and WWN Live are about to announce a partnership any day now. If that happens, Galloway cannot be anywhere near the EVOLVE brand on account of his pesky employment status with TNA. Of course, the move could have been made for countless other reasons as well. The important thing here is that Galloway will be sitting out of EVOLVE shows for awhile.

From a creative standpoint, the departure is a shame, because Galloway's methodical in-ring style appeared to be a great fit in the company. By placing Thatcher, Drew Gulak, Biff Busick, and Chris Hero in marquee positions, the EVOLVE brand has pretty much established itself as the promotion for people who love grappling, old-school psychology, and British influences. Galloway may not have been as stone-dedicated to the World of Sport as Thatcher, but he was versatile enough to play along and still have time to mix it up with the Johnny Garganos of the world. His departure also drains EVOLVE of some star power, but I'm sure the collective will get by.