Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Eric Young Apologizes

Young saw the error of his ways
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Eric Young made headlines for the wrong reason Sunday night when he went and told anyone who didn't enjoy Slammiversary to go fornicate themselves in much more brusque language. On one hand, no one should engage a paying customer like that, and especially not using such violently descriptive verbiage. On the other hand, he's a dude whose future in wrestling might be in doubt because his place of work is taking a giant shit because management doesn't know what it's doing. When company toady Bob Ryder is going after radio shows for opinions and Dixie Carter is outchea subtweeting the network her show is on, the climate may not be the most conducive for sanity.

Still, Young saw the error of his ways and laid out a six-tweet apology yesterday, which I have encapsulated here via Storify, in the interest of fairness, obviously:

Young had the good sense to apologize which is more than anyone can say for his bosses. It's also not one of those "sorry you were offended" non-apologies either, which is rare from anyone in a position of mainstream success. It just goes to show that sometimes, one has to keep an open mind dealing with human emotions, especially when those humans aren't in management and will be affected the most by corporate bulldozing that happens when a company goes under.