Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hey! You! Vote for a FREE Beyond Wrestling Match Release!

Gresham/Thatcher is one of six matches YOU can choose
Photo Credit: Picture Dave
Beyond Wrestling is for the people, a fact that has been established since its inception many years ago. So it shouldn't be surprising that it is working together with the folks at Free Wrestling to get some eyes on its best material in advance of what the promotion hopes to be its biggest show ever. Denver Colorado (the man, not the place!) wants to sell out Fete Music for Americanrana '15, so as a bit of advertising, he's authorized Free Wrestling to release a match for, you guessed it, free. As a bonus, you, that's right YOU, get to pick which one gets out to public eyes through a poll found right here.

This voting exercise has six choices, and all of them look tantalizing to me. First up, from the Ends Meet event on December 28, 2014, the dream pairing of Death by Knockout, otherwise known as Chris Hero and JT Dunn, took on Brian "Curt Hawkins" Myers and his prize student from the Create-A-Wrestler School, Ryan Rush/Galeone. Next up, Steve Corino vs. Matt Tremont from Scorned was a match that featured one of the old school extreme wrestlers and one of the new guard and sounds like it'd be a delight for all the folks out there who love when rough and tumble dudes throw hands. Match number three features the current SHIMMER Tag Team Champions EXPLODING against each other from the Alive and Kicking event. In one corner, Kimber Lee took up arms with Drew Gulak against Cherry Bomb and her husband, Pepper Parks.

The fourth match on tap came from the big Tournament for Tomorrow 3 show and is a technical master's delight; Eddie "Eddie Edwards" Edwards took to the mat against Silver Ant. Match number five is another mat-technician's dream, as the British Messiah, Timothy Thatcher, took on Jonathan Gresham in a match that happened at the Battle of New England. Either way, that match ought to be a goddamn banger for people who love the new school of mat magic. Finally, the sixth and final match on the poll happened at When Satan Rules His World from this year, and it featured two of the most newsworthy wrestlers on the scene for different reasons. In one corner was Chris Dickinson, the bad boy of Beyond. In the other, Nick F'n Gage, perhaps the most in demand wrestler of the year after his release from prison.

Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of those matches, especially in a Beyond setting. The Rhode Island company is THE wrestler's promotion, a place where workers go to create and be free, and every wrestler on the list, no matter their flaws, seem to bring their A-games whenever they work for the company. But you'll definitely get one of those matches in about a week's time. If you really have your heart set on one, then get your butt voting on this poll. And also, follow Free Wrestling, either on RSS or especially on Twitter. If you want to watch the best wrestling for no financial cost without the stigma of watching something pirated, you need to be following this site.