Thursday, July 2, 2015

Inter Species Wrestling Is Going to Own Halloween

Perfect company, perfect show name, perfect date
Graphics via Inter Species Wrestling Facebook
Wrestling and Halloween should go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Yet, the only company that has really embraced the ghoulish holiday was World Championship Wrestling. No one has picked up the mantel since, until now, when the most appropriate company to co-opt Halloween has finally come out and claimed the holiday for its own. Inter Species Wrestling, the Connecticut-and-Quebec based adult-directed, mask-heavy promotion, will be running Candy Apples and Razorblades on the actual day itself.

Talent is actually being announced right now on the company Twitter feed, and among the first names are Leon St. Giovanni and the always awesome Team Tremendous. In addition one can expect all the usual cast of characters to be there and then some. And that usual cast of characters is perfect to put on a show where everyone goes out in costume to try and get candy from neighbors. In effect, ISW does the same kinda thing, only instead of asking for free candy, the wrestlers ask you for money in exchange for merchandise. The show will run at 8 PM at the promotion's adopted home, the Heirloom Theater in Danbury, CT. The show is late enough that you can go out trick or treating with your children (or for yourself, I won't judge) and then hit the road to get there in time for some crazy wrestling action. I can endorse very few shows without the announcement of talent or matches, but when ISW runs a show on Halloween, I don't need anything else but the news of the show itself to sell me on it.