Thursday, July 23, 2015

John Cena Wasn't Acting in THAT Scene in Trainwreck

Amy Schumer's awkward face during THAT scene with Cena came from a place of reality
Photo Credit: Richie Buxo/Corbis
John Cena could technically be called a "wrestler/actor" given the amount of roles he's had on the silver screen. Most of those parts have been as leads in WWE Films vehicles with questionable scriptwriting and direction. I refuse to pass judgment on movies like The Marine or 12 Rounds because I haven't seen them, but seeing as those movies scored 20% and 29% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes respectively, I'm not really in the mood TO see them. His role in the Amy Schumer star vehicle Trainwreck, however, has gotten a lot of advance buzz for positive reasons. He plays Schumer's character's ex-boyfriend, and he has an awkward sex scene with the protagonist that is prominently featured in advertising.

Well, according to Schumer an interview in Australia, the awkwardness was, well, a shoot. The comedienne revealed that Cena didn't know how to fake a sex scene and actually penetrated her vagina with his penis. His first cinematic sex scene was, in fact, really sex. This news really does nothing to dissuade the image of Cena as the ultimate goober, although if Schumer is alright with it, no harm, no foul right? Well, I guess Schumer and current girlfriend Nikki Bella would have had to have been alright with it, but I'm sure that topic has come up in conversation.

The most interesting part of this whole story is that that unexpectedly real scene is not the first time Schumer has been intimate with a WWE superstar. She used to date Dolph Ziggler for a time a couple of years ago. The funny thing about that nugget is Ziggler and Cena had a storyline where they both were romantically linked to AJ Lee, only instead it was Cena who wooed her first. Granted, that story wasn't exactly either competitors finest moment (and it certainly was a waste of Lee's talents just to be the meat dangled between the two superstars), but it's just funny how life works out sometimes.

ETA: A decent chance exists that Schumer and Hader were working the media here.