Thursday, July 9, 2015

Reminder: Tim Donst's Comeback Begins Tomorrow Night

Donst is on his way back. It is real.
Photo Credit: Christine Coons
A few months ago, Tim Donst was at a crossroads. Cancer had attacked his kidney, and his career was in jeopardy. To think that now, he's not only on his way back to the ring, but against perhaps the most dangerous performer on the scene today in Nick F'n Gage, is amazing and a testament to his recovery, his will, and some really fortuitous breaks. To call said comeback a miracle may be a bit melodramatic, but at the same time, the whole tale has been a whirlwind from the point when Donst was admitted to the hospital for then-"mysterious" medical reasons in February.

The following video is the latest in a series of hype pieces for Donst's comeback. No one says anything during it; it's basically pieced-together match clips intermingled with some intentional static and clips of the man hitting the weights. But it says a lot about him, spanning his career in Chikara, Absolute Intense Wrestling, and other companies.

All that's missing is an announcement from Donst that he's also coming back to Chikara, the company that allowed him to break through into the independent consciousness, but maybe that's just me being selfish. Either way, the fact that he'll be back tomorrow is amazing in and of itself. Best of luck to Tim Donst, and hopefully, this portion of his career doesn't have any more untimely interruptions.