Thursday, July 16, 2015

TNA As Bad at Due Diligence on Contracts As It Is at Everything Else

Hernandez the latest to expose TNA for the shitty company it is
Photo Credit: Lee South/
TNA is not a good wrestling company at this stage of the game. Hell, it may never have been a good wrestling company, but at least it never taped a shitpile of episodes featuring a wrestler who was contracted to another televised wrestling property until now. Hernandez, who returned to TNA at the most recent spate of tapings, actually was not allowed to be there thanks to his Lucha Underground contract. And now, all storylines involving him and his crew the Beat Down Clan have been scrapped. Apparently, Hernandez either was mistaken or misrepresented his contract with LU and agreed to appear for TNA, but that was not the case.

It's easy to heap all the blame on Hernandez here, but he's only one guy, a wrestler who may not be all there thanks to his chosen path giving him a bit of the CTE. One has to wonder what Dixie Carter is paying her human resources and legal departments if they can't do due diligence on whether or not they can sign certain talents at a given time. This whole ordeal is pretty much typical TNA at this point. The gag reel for how inept and at times malignant a wrestling promotion this is could go for miles, and this Hernandez snafu feels like something out of a television show, specifically one that is nearing the end and becomes a self-parody of what it was in order to magnify emotional payoff.

However, this whole ordeal certainly is real life, and it affects more than just Hernandez and TNA, the company that just paid Hernandez a bunch of money for garbage footage. The other members of the BDC, specifically MVP and Kenny King, may end up on the cutting room floor completely for several weeks through no fault of their own. Hernandez was too prominent in footage and angles featuring the group, and now they will vanish unless the editing department can work magic or more segments are filmed on the fly at the next set of tapings. Then again, the production department is run by the Harris Brothers, and all reports indicate that they're as good at their current jobs as they were in the ring.

From the outside though, it's a hilarious situation, and another that indicates the sooner Jeff Jarrett usurps TNA and buys its assets, the better off the scene will be. I have no idea whether Jarrett's ideological mindset concerning running a business lines up with Carter's or not, but he seems like he'd be at least discreet about his shitty boss tendencies and probably would at least check and see if he could sign someone before he taped months of television with that wrestler. TNA is beyond saving right now, which of course means it will survive another ten years. Because it's a cockroach, you see.