Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Children

Ciampa vs. kids is the next biggest feud I wanna see
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Tommaso Ciampa was a name that was hot for a split second thanks to a big run in Ring of Honor. Then, he just stopped getting booked for the now nationally-televised wrestling company. Details are hazy, but I heard rumblings of a dispute over contract guarantees or something of that ilk. Because his stint with ROH came to an end, his visibility dropped as well. But he still works some high-profile promotions like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Chikara, and SMASH Wrestling. That last one is where the following clip comes from. At Any Given Sunday 3 on March 15 of this year, Ciampa took on Chris Hero, when a set of circumstances led his attention to be drawn to another target:

I need to unpack the whole set of circumstances here. One, I don't know how family friendly or unfriendly SMASH Wrestling is, so I can't really say if parents bringing a four year-old kid to that show is a good call or not. Certainly though, if the kid knows how to crotch chop and toss out a hale and hearty SUCK IT, then my guess is the parents are okay with him watching slightly salty pro graps. Then again, Ciampa may have taken things a bit too far humping Hero's back? I don't know. Then you'd be getting into a whole other conversation as to whether sex is healthy or unhealthy to be immersing a kid in, and that's far above my paygrade.

Anyway, the point is, fan interaction is great at any pro wrestling show, but when it's interaction with a kid, then as long as it's not scary in nature, the participants in the actual show may end up minting a fan for life. While his methods were a bit... controversial to say the least, his head was in the right place. Pro wrestlers should always try to involve kids in the show. If not, what's the fucking point?

A tip of the hat to @Boo_Nanners for passing that clip along.