Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tracy Smothers Will Wrestle a Bear*

Smothers will wrestle a "bear"
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Olde Wrestling burst onto the scene in 2013 with what many people thought would be a singular show. Then, 2014 rolled around, and two more Extravaganzas of Wrestling Exhibitions happened. In this year, the second Olde Wrestling show will be scheduled on August 30, and all the usual suspects will more than likely be there, guys like Matt Cross and Dasher Hatfield and the Moonshinin' Men of Chuck Taylor and Jock Samson. But the first match announced is somewhat of a holy grail for me.

Those who follow me on the Twitters know that I love harassing Beyond Wrestling's Twitter account to get the promotion to book a bear. Bear wrestling was a staple at carny wrestling shows near the turn of last century, but it's since been phased out as wrestling has become more of a legitimate art rather than a freakshow sideshow. But Olde Wrestling, the throwback company it is, is going to put a bear in the ring, and that bear will wrestle none other than Tracy Smothers.

Smothers, who has settled in Ohio as of late, is as much of a throwback on the indie scene as one can get, so he's the perfect wrestler to go up against a bear. In fact, he actually HAS wrestled a bear before, back when he was a wild-eyed Southern boy workin' the tail end of the territorial days in Continental.  Smothers took that bear down to the mat several times, and because of that fact, I doubt any ursine competitor would stand a chance years later now that he has even more wile and knowledge to his person. I would favor Smothers in a match against a bull elephant, a blue whale, a T-Rex even. Honestly, this match is hype enough that I'm considering taking the near-eight hour drive to the Huron County Fairgrounds in Norwalk.

Now, of course, bear wrestling has been illegal in most states for years, including Ohio, the bear won't be a real live one. In the grand tradition of pro wrestling across all companies and styles, some suspension of disbelief is required. But hey, the Extravaganza has an incredible track record for fun, and no matter how the "bear" part will play out, it will certainly be a must-see attraction, ESPECIALLY with Smothers on the other side of the ring.