Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Virgil Offers Sasha Banks "Help," Cements His Twitter As Performance Art

What can Virgil really teach this LEGIT BOSS?
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Sasha Banks is pretty much a consensus candidate for any kind of superlative award through this half-year so far. She's been excellent in nearly every match, her character chops have been on point, and she's taken to the main roster pretty well so far even if she's had to share the platform with eight other wrestlers in the same story. She's stood out at every stage of the game, so of course, she needs advice from an also-ran who was basically a running joke ping-ponged between Vince McMahon and Dusty Rhodes, right? Wait, what?

Virgil, who has taken to Twitter with almost as much fanfare as Nick Gage, thought that Banks needed some help, so he offered some via Twitter:

Unless that lesson is "get a guaranteed contract from World Championship Wrestling and hope the company doesn't book you," I'm not sure what lesson he could teach Banks, who has shown more aptitude for the ring during her days between her Mercedes KV indie run and when she became the BOSS than Virgil has ever. Then again, maybe I'm looking at this all the wrong way.

I mean, the guy often references his 14-inch-long member on Twitter, and he's always pimping the Olive Garden as the highest quality eats. He's clearly working the performance art angle here. Virgil is looking to get those weird Twitter, @dril follows. That's the only reason he could be trying to teach Sasha Banks anything about the business, unless it's to teach her about the perils of navigating backstage politics. Then again, her cousin is Snoop Dogg, so I think she's a bit street-wise. Virgil's just trying to show her his 14 inches, which in any case, gross.