Tuesday, August 18, 2015

AIW Is Crazy

Oh dear God no...
Graphics via @aiwrestling
Yes, that above graphic is correct. Absolute Intense Wrestling is promoting a match between Nick Gage and Bob Holly. Gage spent a couple of years in the state pen where he beat the everloving shit out of someone for saying wrestling was fake, and then he came out as the hottest indie wrestler in the fuckin' world. Holly has a reputation for potatoing the shit out of people. Pentagón, Jr.'s motto translates to "zero fear," but Holly embodies that phrase, it seems. He went and attempted to sandbag and stiff Brock fuckin' Lesnar. Sure, he got his neck broken in the process, but it takes intestinal fortitude to look even at 2002 Lesnar and say "Yeah, that's the guy I want to teach a lesson to."

Putting those two in the same ring feels like it's risking some kind of ordinance or code. Then again, Ohio necessarily isn't the state one looks to for things like "lawfulness" or "sanity." AIW is just embracing the oeuvre, baby. The match will take place at the company's Faith No More event at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Cleveland, OH, and oh yeah, the date is September 11. That match happening on that date can't be a coincidence. Either way, someone is probably going to get really hurt during that match, and I'm not sure it will be either of the competitors. I'm also not sure either one will care. If you're going to Faith No More, buy a general admission ticket, wear a poncho, and if either of these two come near you, run.