Monday, August 31, 2015

Bram Arrested for Domestic Violence

Bram was arrested for some fucked up shit
Photo Credit: Lee South/
Bram, the TNA superstar who has made waves this year for signing a new multi-year deal every other week, has hit the headlines for a far worse reason. He has been arrested on counts of domestic battery by strangulation and false imprisonment. In the most shocking news item of all, TNA acted immediately and suspended him indefinitely until the matter plays out in court. It's terrible that in 2015, one can feel relieved that a business did the right thing concerning a felony matter, especially one as grievous as domestic battery, but hey, the story has been written to put the weaker, especially when those parties are women, behind the eight ball.

This incident is not Bram's first brush with the law. Back when he was known as Kenneth Cameron and teaming with Conor O'Brien as the first iteration of The Ascension, he got popped for drunk driving and was jettisoned from his WWE developmental contract. One might think that this case may end up costing him his wrestling career, at least in the short term, and honestly, it should if the charges stick and are legitimate. "Battery by strangulation" sounds goddamn evil, pardon my projection of judgment.

The victim in this instance has not been named, but she is not current WWE/NXT superstar Charlotte. The two were married in the past, but they filed for a divorce which is in the process of finalization. WWE confirmed that she was not involved in the incident. But whether or not the victim is someone who is on television screen entertaining folks or an anonymous person not known other than for having a crime perpetrated on them is irrelevant. Bram hurt someone whom he clearly has a distinct physical advantage over, and that's fucking wrong. If all these charges stick, I hope he gets the book thrown at him.