Friday, August 14, 2015

Chyna Responds to Waltman's Accusations

Chyna claims not to have given Triple H the "bum's rush"
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Every story has at least two sides, if not more. The note posted yesterday about Chyna "crashing" Roddy Piper's funeral and accosting Triple H only contained the side of the story told by Sean Waltman, who apparently wasn't even at the services. Chyna posted a video rebuttal to Waltman's accusations, which you can find behind the jump:

First off, she sounds composed and looks like she's doing well for herself. If I stepped out of line yesterday by implying she needed help when she didn't, I am truly sorry, but sometimes, short snippets don't paint the whole picture. Either way, I'm glad to see she's got it together in some respect. Second, her side of the story paints a much more relaxed, respectful picture. She didn't "crash" the ceremony (and Waltman later rescinded that accusation), and she claims her meeting with Triple H was a lot more subdued than what was described.

As for which side of the story is right, I don't know since I wasn't there. However, I'll tend to side with the victim here, the one who was actually at the funeral. It seems like Chyna has found some modicum of peace, which for her life in the last several years is a very good sign. I hope she continues to recover and some day can be happy without people hounding her.

h/t Brandon Stroud/With Spandex