Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cody Rhodes Blogs About the Stardust/Stephen Amell Feud

The above fracas is a tribute to Big Dust
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via Brandi Runnels' Blog

The long-awaited interaction between Arrow's Stephen Amell and Stardust finally happened on RAW this past Monday, when Stardust got into an argument with the CW star and then piefaced him. Amell jumped the barricade and got really physical with the cosmic being, setting up a tag match at SummerSlam. Amell will team with Neville, while Stardust draws King Barrett as a partner.

The man behind the paint, Cody Rhodes/Runnels, had some things to say about the feud on his wife's blog. Basically, the match is a tribute to his father, the late Dusty Rhodes. Cody said that he went through his father's cellphone after his passing and saw himself as Stardust in a staredown with Amell as the lock screen, remembering the words "[F]inish what you started, Kid." It was more than enough impetus for him to push for the feud to leave Twitter and enter the corporeal world.

While I have my doubts about having an actor fill a role at SummerSlam, Amell is at least a legitimate fan. The linked blog sheds more light on why it's important that he's there. Fans oftentimes can fall into the trap of only wanting things they want or in a fit of solipsism, what promoters want. Rarely is what the wrestlers want on their minds, but without wrestlers, the business doesn't exist. Stardust getting to continue this feud is even more important because he's not a John Cena or a Brock Lesnar. The more guys further down the card who get to have some sort of input on where they want to go (not total creative control, but input at least), the better the entire show could potentially be. I'm on board.