Thursday, August 20, 2015

Four Matches Announced For Battle Wars 2

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Following up on last year’s massively successful Battle Wars, Inspire Pro has hooked up once again with Chikara Pro for Battles Wars 2: Battle Beyond the Stars. In the inaugural event, Dasher Hatfield, then-Grand Champion Icarus, and The Colony of Fire Ant and Silver Ant made the trek to Austin, Texas. This year, Hatfield and Fire Ant return, along with Mr. Touchdown, Chuck Taylor, and current Grand Champion Hallowicked.

Of the first four matches announced, only Hallowicked has not yet been given an opponent. The others, however, are set-up to make this the best show of all-time. For real. They could just stop at these four matches and I think we'll be set. Last year's show was killer (no filler), and they've already topped it on paper with this year's. Crazy.

You could say that everything started at Undeniable, when Angelus Layne made her Inspire Pro debut in a match against Delilah Doom and Paige Turner. The match was for a place in the XX Championship Tournament Finals and, unfortunately for Layne, she suffered a broken foot and was shockingly defeated by Doom. That just wasn’t something she could stand for.

But things really got going on the following show, Phenomenon. There we saw the return of Layne (in a walking boot), who viciously attacked Doom. She had this to say afterwards:

Needless to say, this turned in a violent feud in a hurry. Layne has vowed time and time again to end Doom. She took it so far that she cost Doom a place in the aforementioned XX Championship Match at Fade to Black In Their Blood 2, attacking her prior to the match. Then, at Clash at the Bash II, Layne teamed with Vanessa Kraven against Doom and Jessica James. Layne and Kraven controlled most of the match, but Doom is just someone who doesn’t quit. Eventually, Layne had enough and blasted Doom in the face with the Pure Prestige Championship.

Keith Lee came to his fellow New Movement member’s aid, only for Layne to lay down a challenge. Either she gets a Pure Prestige Title shot and she will stop trying to kill Doom or, if he declined, she would once and for all end her nemesis.  Lee obliged and the two did battle at Fade To Black. Layne had Lee on his heels for most of the match until Doom seized her opportunity and repaid the favor, clocking Layne in the head with the very same belt, giving Layne a DQ victory.

After the match, Doom challenged Layne to a Street Fight. She said, “Doomies never say die!” At Battle Wars 2, we’ll see if that’s true. It’s going to be a brutal affair and one that very well could steal the show. Without knowing what all the other matches are, I can say with almost 100% certainty that no match will match the emotion and intensity of this contest.

My one hope is that Doom comes out with a wheel barrow full of workout equipment, like an aerobics step, Thigh Master, and a variety of other old school fitness equipment she can get her hands on. Go full Richard Simmons on her ass!

This is one match you won't want to miss.

The week prior to Battle Wars 2, Chikara Pro is holding their annual King of Trios (sadly without a Team Inspire Pro), so it’s fitting that the second match announced is a Trios Match. The first team features the return of Dasher Hatfield and Mr. Touchdown, this time together, as The Throwbacks and a very interesting third member, Steve-O Reno.

At last year’s event, Reno defeated Hatfield in a Triple Threat Match (that also featured Tadasuke), that many, myself included, considered the Best Opening Match of 2014. Two shows later, at Undeniable, Mr. Touchdown made his Inspire Pro debut when he become Reno’s very first challenger for his J*Crown.

I guess the old saying is true, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Their opponents are three very dangerous men. The man who took the J*Crown from Reno at Fade To Black, Sammy Guevara, teams with his running buddies, Tim Storm, and Davey Vega. You know how I said the previous match could steal the show? Yeah, the same could be said of this match. Not that that would be surprising, in the least.

The main thrust of this match is the showdown between Reno and Guevara. Reno will be looking for revenge from the main who broke his crown, then defeated it for him, then claimed the Championship dead. Reno made the J*Crown into something special and Mr. Inspire Pro isn’t going to let Guevara’s disrespect stand.

Fire Ant returns to Inspire Pro, this time only. At last year's event, Fire Ant teamed with Silver Ant to take on Jojo Bravo and ACH. Bravo picked up the submission victory over Fire Ant with the Inspire Pro Special, a submission hold invented by Bravo. Afterwards, all four men raised each other's hands to celebrate each other, the match, the fans, and the show. This year's contest will be MUCH different.

The reason for that is the change in attitude of Bravo, who was once a hero to the masses, but has sense spiraled out of control and teamed up with Nigel Rabid and the Rabid Empire. Bravo went from high-fiving children with his hands, to high-fiving them with his feet. He is now a man who can only get the first syllable of whatever word he's trying to say out, because the fans so vehemently dislike him, booing him the second they see his mouth open. He's a hated man, but also dangerous. Fire Ant can attest to that. This time it won't be a friendly contest, though, as Bravo will be trying to make an example out of Fire Ant. Pro Wrestling's Hottest Property will not take Bravo lightly, but I'm not quite sure what he'll be able to do to also combat the Rabid Empire.

All that needs to be said is what I said on Twitter:


One other thing I will say, I gotta get one of Chuck Taylor's Retirement Tour t-shirts. In fact, he might as well retire after this match. I don't see how he's going to have a better send off than a five-star match with Matthew Palmer.

Those are just four of the matches announced thus far (there will likely be between 8 or 10 total). Keep your eyes peeled here for more (or follow Inspire Pro on their social media outlets). Now, if you are in the area (that means within a day’s driving distance) on September 13th, get your butt to the Marchesa and attend this event. It’s going to be HUGE. Front row seats have long been sold out, but general admission are still available.