Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Four Wrestlers, Six Matches, Greatest Rivals

Busick is in, so you know it'll be good
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
When running a wrestling show, most promoters go by the mantra "more is better." If one can book more big stars, more of a variety of workers, more match types, that person stands a better chance of making money. Wrestling may be art, but the government isn't throwing grant money at promotions to advance said arts. You have to make money, and you do that with firepower. However, Denver Colorado (The man, not the place!) is not like other promoters. He's been known to take a risk, and he'll put his neck on the line in the name of creating a special wrestling concept on September 26 with the Greatest Rivals Round Robin.

The event is exactly what its name suggests. Four wrestlers will participate in a round robin tournament, which will comprise of six matches. It's a minimalistic concept relying a small roster of wrestlers going multiple times to tell a story. It's a high concept and stark departure, especially for a promotion known for throwing the kitchen sink into its Fete Music shows. But it also has an extremely high ceiling, especially given that it will feature wrestlers who know each other well.

The first name announced is a doozy, one whose name has been inextricably linked to Beyond since he started. Biff Busick, whose time may or may not be limited on the indies depending whom you believe, will be the first wrestler throwing his hat into the ring. He's a wrestler built for this kind of concept. He's versatile and dynamic, and if anyone is capable of wrestling three different kinds of matches against three different opponents, it's he.

Busick's announcement and the name "Greatest Rivals" indicate that at least one of the other wrestlers will be Drew Gulak. Busick and Gulak have been fused together both as rivals and partners at times, and if he's not announced, I'll be shocked. The other two slots could go in a couple of directions. If the direction blows towards the hyper-rough mat grappling style, then one of the other names will end up being Timothy Thatcher. The fourth name would then be a little bit of a mystery, although both JT Dunn and more likely Chris Hero would fit that bill. Dunn's inclusion could also point to Kimber Lee getting a slot in the tournament. Lee has not only been linked to Dunn but also Gulak. Or perhaps Chris Dickinson may end up in the proceedings, which would add a lot of flair and personality.

Still, nothing is set in stone except the date and the first competitor. If you want your first crack at tickets, you can get them at Fete Music on Sunday when Beyond Wrestling runs the Battle of New England Returns. Even if little information is known about the show at this point, I feel comfortable endorsing it wholeheartedly. Great concepts in wrestling need support, and this minimalist tournament idea appears to be one great concept. One wouldn't expect any less from Beyond Wrestling at this point, though.