Tuesday, August 11, 2015

From the Archives: Mandy Leon Vs. Deonna Purrazo

Purrazo was part of one of ROH's initial Women of Honor matches
Photo via SquaredCircleSirens.com
For years and years, the people have been clamoring and clamoring for Ring of Honor to include more women's wrestling on its shows. Every time something had a spark of a beginning, it faltered for whatever reason. Perhaps it had something to do with ROH's spotty track record with women in general. Either way, the writing has appeared on the wall. WWE, both main roster and NXT, has renewed focus in women's wrestling. TNA has always had the Knockouts. Global Force Wrestling has a women's division, and Lucha Underground has integrated female competitors into the main narrative. ROH is behind the times.

But the company has seemingly started to catch on. The Nanae Takahashi vs. ODB match in Las Vegas received great fanfare, and it's even considering testing an entire Women of Honor show for DVD release. I will believe ROH has a renewed focus on pushing female talent when I see it in full force, but a start is a start. The following match, called by friend of the blog Ian Riccaboni, features Mandy Leon and Deonna Purrazo. Check it out.