Friday, August 28, 2015

Greatest Rivals Round Robin Competitor Number Three...

Get ready for Gulak
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Beyond Wrestling's Greatest Rivals Round Robin tournament event on September 26, by its name, signifies that four wrestlers who have inextricable ties to each other will battle it out to see who among them is the best. The first two wrestlers announced telegraphed the third wrestler's announcement yesterday so hard that even the fictional narrator from the Metallica song "One" could see where it was going. One cannot have a "greatest rivals" tournament with Biff Busick and Timothy Thatcher and not include Drew Gulak. So of course, Gulak was the third wrestler announced for the one-night grapplefest.

If Busick represents near perfect versatility and Thatcher rigid adherence to the precepts of mat grappling, Gulak is somewhere in between, albeit probably closer to Thatcher in ring style but with perhaps the most ability to show personality. He's also the biggest star of the group and probably the linchpin of the trio. Additionally, with him joining the fray, three of the six matches will now be known quantities. Whether through purchasing EVOLVE, Beyond, or Combat Zone shows or scouring YouTube for the free material featuring the three grapplers, one can get quite familiar with the kind of matches that person will see on the 26th.

Gulak's announcement leaves one slot open. As speculated in the last few days, Chris Hero, Eddie "Eddie Edwards" Edwards, Tracy "Hot Sauce" Williams, Kimber Lee, and JT Dunn all seem like prime suspects to fill it, but no one will be sure until Denver Colorado (the man, not the place!) makes the actual call. Either way, this event is looking like it's a must-see, whether live or on video afterwards.