Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Help Jerry Lynn Pay for His Neck Surgery

Jerry Lynn needs YOU
Photo Credit: George Tahinos via WWE.com
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Jerry Lynn is in a bad way right now. He's staring down the barrel of major neck surgery, and while he has health insurance, he doesn't have the money in his pocket right now to cover his deductible and income lost from work during his recovery. Now, everyone seems to have some kind of crowd-funding initiative going, but not all of them are to cover medical expenses, and not every day does a veritable legend of the ring have his friends come before his many thousands of fans asking for help with the wages of his career.

Lynn is universally reputed as one of the nicest and most giving guys in wrestling history, so it's only natural that people are going to bat for him. Now, the $5,000 deductible has been covered already, but the goal of $15K is still a ways off. Trust me, he needs all the money he can get. So be a dear and either donate to this crowdfunding initiative, or at least spread the word. Lynn is one of the good ones. It's time to give back.